What makes great content?


What makes great content, and why is it important?

Someone once said to me “don’t tell me what camera to buy, teach me how to take a great photograph”, which I think really resonates when it comes to great content marketing.

But how can we do this, and what are some of the important points we need to consider?

How much do you listen?

Listening to customers is fundamental, and there’s so many ways we can do it in the digital age.

It doesn’t just mean asking what your customer think.  You can also follow what people are saying and thinking via social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.    Joining groups can also be a great way of joining in on the conversation, enabling you to keep up with what’s on people’s minds and any emerging trends.

Avoid selling what you do.

People are overwhelmed by the amount of content they are exposed to these days.  On average, people receive over 200 emails per day (personal and business) and there’s over 3000 marketing messages a day which includes everything from logos in shop windows to an advert on TV.

We need to be mindful of this, as we’re in a world of information overload.  Your content needs to be good, and you can’t just push out content for contents sake.  

Expectations have changed and people want content which is relevant, useful and engaging. 

The last thing people want is to be sold to. 

Don’t just focus on SEO

A mistake a lot of companies make is to create content to improve search engine optimisation, which might have a catchy headline, but doesn’t actually provide any useful information.