Storytelling for business


How can storytelling be used to connect with your customers?

Storytelling can be a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit, enabling you to make an emotional connections that resonates with your customers.  Storytelling has been a tradition for centuries, and executed well, business storytelling gives a compelling reason for people to buy from you.

Here’s a few tips for when planning your marketing content.

What’s your story?

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked some heart warming stories, from distilleries producing alcohol gel to catering companies providing food and shelter to the vulnerable.

The SME business community is so often the place to uncover inspiring stories, from memorable founder stories to teams of people coming together to achieve amazing things to raise money for charity.

With an increasing number of people relying on digital channels now more than ever, storytelling helps show the human side of your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and can help you connect with people.

How can storytelling be incorporated into marketing?

For many business owners, how and why they established their business is at the heart of their story, as well as all the inevitable ups and downs along the way.

Telling your story, the inspiration behind your business and the people who run it, can really help customers engage with you.

  • It can help build stronger connections with your target market
  • It helps build trust via a more human connection
  • It can really help to differentiate you from your competitors

A few tips to remember

  1. Be authentic – your story doesn’t need to be elaborate.  It’s important to be genuine and honest.
  2. Have a clear outcome – e.g. how do you want to leave your reader feeling?  What was the lesson learnt, or the inspiration for your business?
  3. Be true to your brand – it’s important your story is aligned to your company brand and values.

Telling your story is an ongoing process. As your company grows, evolves, and adds new chapters, make business storytelling an essential part of your marketing to attract and retain customers.